February 29, 2024


Rules:Event must take place in the 48879 zip code. Events are subject to approval, and reviewed and published in a timely manner, but not automatically or instantaneously. Approval can take up to two full business days. If your event does not appear on the calendar right away, please be patient and do not re-submit the event. Do not send an email asking if it has been received, unless more than three full business days have passed since you submitted it.

– Please do not post anything negative toward a person, a group of persons, or business

Please do not post a community event if you are not the organization or representee hosting it. (To make sure there is proper information)

– If you have a legitimate business (no direct sales), you are welcome to post your event, but please limit to three events a week or less. And realtors please do not post open houses or a house for sale,

-This is not a for sale group, you may not list garage sales. (We are working on a seperate site for that) The goal of the Crowd Sourced Calendar is to provide a positive informational experience. We hope that you can find local information you need or wish to share!